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Your money-saving sustain tip is to lease or buy an all-electric car (EV).

Chevy Bolt Electric Car

The Chevy Bolt (all battery electric) leases for about $300 per month.  If you are spending near that amount for gas, you can swap how you spend your money.  You can have a new Bolt in your driveway and pay for it in gas savings.  Electricity price is far less than gas price.  EV’s use about 25% of the price of gas to run on electricity, so for every $1.00 you now spend on gas, you’ll only spend $0.25 cents on electricity.

Maintenance for an electric car is far lower than gas cars too.
By the way, driving range for the Bolt is about 220 miles between charges.
Have a closer look at the Chevy Bolt.

nissan leaf electric car

Here’s another EV option.  If you need a second, around-town car, a used Nissan Leaf is a great car to drive.  A three to four year-old Leaf EV (all battery electric) sells for $6,000 to $9,000, most have minimal 30,000 miles and maintenance cost is super low.  Speaking of maintenance, 30,000 service for my 2014 Leaf was $160, about $60 per year to maintain.  Really!  This compares to yearly $500 to $800 for a gas car.   A 2016 Leaf has one of the largest Leaf batteries and will travel about 110 miles on a charge.
Have a look at craigslist for used Leaf car pricing.

Here’s how to charge your electric car or EV


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