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Your sustain tip is install LED light bulbs in your home.   LED bulbs use about 80% less energy than conventional bulbs, saving you $0.80 cents for every $1.00 you now spend to light your home.

The Feit brand bulb (as below) I’ve used for many years.  It produces a warm white color, enough brightness for most applications and lasts for 1000’s of hours.  When buying the bulb, key thing to look for is the warm color temperature of 2700k (written on the box) and 60 watts.   A higher color temp (5000k) gives a harsh bright light that is very unappealing indoors – bulb color from the past is greatly improved.  The warm white bulbs are available in 12 packs for about 2.00 per bulb or less.

At about $2.00 per bulb or less, they will pay for themselves in electricity savings in a few months of use.  The first month after you install them, you’ll see noticeable lowering of your energy bill.  Great news, savings are ongoing – every day you’ll save dollars!

Need more info?  The US Dept of Energy reports only about 13% of home lighting is LED’s or other efficient lighting (in 2016), so there is potential for large energy savings through out the US.  Read the US Dept of Energy report for 2016.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 7.40.02 AM

You can buy these LED bulbs at Amazon below:


You can buy these LED bulbs at your local Home Depot.
Let us know if you need an assist.  Enjoy your savings!

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