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Our contributions:

  • Member of the Green Building Technical Advisor TAC, City of Palo Alto
  • Trained tradesmen: heat pump water heater installation, etc.
  • Earth Day Ride and Drive EV Ambassador, with my 2016 Nissan Leaf (used EV purchase)
  • Advisor to the City of Palo Alto Green Building Summit policy review of Zero Net Energy Building Road Map, Electric Vehicle Readiness and Electrification, Water Efficiency, Building Demolition and Materials Reuse.
  • Advisor to ChargePoint product development of electric vehicle EV chargers
  • Advisor to City of Palo Alto regarding electrification of gas appliances, ie gas to battery electric leaf blowers
  • Member Advisor to Carbon Free Palo Alto regarding electrification of Palo Alto homes, including transition from natural gas to electric with heat pump space adn water heaters
  • EV Ambassador for Acterra’s GoEV Project Ride and Drive
  • EV Ambassador for Acterra’s “Introduction to EV’s” at East Palo Alto Pacific Islander church.
  • Contributor City of Sunnyvale Climate Action Plan, sustainable solution actions
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