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Plant-Based Meat

Try plant-based meat – it’s meat like you’ve never tasted before.

It’s called Impossible Burger – it is both soooooo delicious and hugely sustainable.  Seriously, compare this burger meat flavor with cattle-raised beef – it’s that good!

Meat from cattle uses huge amounts of feed, land and water resources.  Growing corn, (most cattle feed is corn) requires energy, processing and transport fuel.  Cattle waste product, (poop) when decomposing adds undesirable methane to our environment.  Plant-based meat is more sustainable as it uses a smaller amount of the same resources.

Impossible Burger is shown below.  Check where you can buy some plant-based meat today.  By the way the name Heartland Meat is more appealing to me.

plant-based meat in a tasty burger
Here’s the plant-based meat advertised in California.

plant based meat sign

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