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Induction Demo

I keep these in mind for a demo of an induction cooktop (switch from gas to electric).

Using a thin, light-weight frying pan (not cast iron),  I place about one tablespoon of water in the pan.

  1. On the highest setting, show how fast the water will sizzle and steam (for example, sauté onions). Talk of forgetting to cut some garlic, turn down to #1 low, setting, water will stop boiling, then (talk of placing garlic in the pan) turn back up to high #10, showing the speed of temperature control.
  2. Next I remove the pan and splash some mustard (or other food) on the cook surface, showing it does not burn.  Talk of easy cleanup.
  3. Lastly, I talk of gas cooktops having no direct venting of gases, about 30% of harmful gases are not venting out of the kitchen.  They bypass the vent; as shown in this photo.  Talk of harmful natural gas leading to *asthma in children and adults.

* need a medical reference here

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