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Buying an EV during “Shortages”

Here’s how I purchased my VW ID4 in 2021, by Greg Bell

  1. I placed an order for the car I wanted on the website. A $100 deposit is required (fully refundable).

2. Then I called many of the 20 VW dealers in the expanded Bay Area. I was prepared for a drive to buy the car. I told them the model I wanted to buy and the color (to decide, take a local test drive and decide on the “Pro”, “Pro S” or “Pro S with Gradient” model.) The Pro model has a steel roof, the Pro S has a glass roof. I own the Pro model.

3. Within a week, the VW dealer in Sunnyvale called me about a cancellation; the car arrived a few days later. By the way, Sunnyvale VW has no dealer markup (I confirmed in April 2022; David Bousheh is the salesperson I recommend). I purchased the car in 2021. It’s the 4th EV I have owned or leased.

4. You can also configure a specific EV car search on these sites and buy a used EV: Carvana, CarMax, Craigslist, Shift, etc.

5. Enjoy your new EV!

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VW Dealers in the expanded Bay Area
VW Dealers in the expanded Bay Area

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