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Gas to Electric Garden Tool Conversion

Leaf Blower – Battery Electric

Here is an excellent choice for living more sustainably, transition from gas to an electric leaf blower.  We tested this leaf blower, it gets the job done with these benefits:

  • No gas is burned, no gas smell is produced.
  • Noise level is far lower compared to gas blowers.
  • Initial testing is three full hours of run time on level 1 of 3.  Level 1 is quite adequate for removing dry leaves.  Higher power, level 3, is needed for wet leaves.
  • The battery works with other yard tools:  weed wacker, hedge trimmer, mower.
  • This is a pro gardener version with additional batteries can be used throughout the day.

Contribute $25 towards donating a leaf blower and second battery to a local pro gardener.  It’s the best way to get the gas blowers out of our neighborhoods.

Here is the leaf blower, battery and charger, available at Home Depot.
Below is the Amazon link.

Additional battery Amazon link.

Read about gas leaf blower pollution, it’s more than a car.

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