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Home Energy Saving Tips too!

Switch to Electric

How to do it – Four Steps. Electricity is Cleaner than Gas*

  1. Drive Electric: Drive an Electric Car, Ride an Electric Bike
  1. Install Electric Appliances, Heaters, etc in Your Home: 
    Induction Cooktop and Oven, Heat Pump Clothes Dryer, Mini Split Heater & Air Conditioner, Heat Pump Water Heater, LED Light Bulbs
  1. Use Electric Gardening Tools (or Buy a Set for Your Pro Gardener):
    Leaf Blower, Weed Whacker, Hedge Trimmer, Lawn Mower
  1. Use Less Energy – Audit Your Home for Energy Efficiency: 
    See  (self audit)
    Or ask Greg for a home audit  (in-person audit)

See home energy saving tips here.
View home electrification priorities here.

*Using electricity to power our cars and our homes will provide cleaner, healthier air both indoors and outdoors.

When cooking, all natural gas pollutants do not vent from the home. Here is a steam simulation of typical inadequate cooktop venting.

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