Home Energy Reduction Tips

Perform walk-through of your home:
– Replace key location bulbs w LED
– Turn down water heater, go to sink closest to water heater, test with hand at sink
– Check for recirc water pump timer, hot water quickly?
– Do you have radiant baseboard heaters electric in any rooms? Make sure off in summer
– Do you have radiant floor heating or hvac furnace?
– Heater on setback programable thermostat
– Is your bathroom floor warmed electrically?
– Heated towel rack? Off at breaker
– See if refrigerator is old, more than 15 years, hold food cold longer in psps or full
– Move refrigerator away from wall, suggest cleaning coils
– See if freezer is old or full, if not add container with water to be block of ice
– Replace halogen bulbs in cooktop vent, many times missed
– Have a second wine cooler, with only a few bottles, consolidate, turn on only for parties, then off
– Home entertainment systems, off with power strip
– Set-top box in the spare bedroom, off with power strip
– Older unused VCR, unplug
– Check outdoor lighting use LED,
– Outdoor lighting on timer, check timer
– Check fountain pump outdoor, timer or off
– Check for pool pump on timer, both filter and sweep pumps, 3-5 hours max to keep pool clean
– Winter: How often dusting home? Sign of leaky air ducts. If so get hvac guy to fix
– Change filter yearly, see if wider filter can fit, up to 4 inches, amazon
– Anyone get cold at night in winter, heating pad at foot of bed if need warmer, auto off 2-3 hours or on timer, socks?
– Summer: Plant trees to shade the home, westerly and south
– Suggest whole house fan on upper floor to reduce air-conditioning load.
– Leave business cards
– Check electrical panel size
– Talk EV
– Solar PV electrical generation
– Battery backup for psps, generate and store power during day expensive, use battery at night
– Induction cooktop, not burned gases NOX in home

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