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Have a look at what other people are doing around the world to live sustainably.

One bus removes about 50 cars from the road which is certainly a great first step.  The next best step is dedicated lanes for buses which makes them fastest and most efficient.  Without a dedicated lane, buses have minimal gain as they are nudging along like all other traffic (see below images).  At its best, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has traffic lights turn green when a bus approaches further easing traffic congestion.  BRT system work in many major cities in Europe and in South America.   Cities in the U.S. are beginning to have dedicated lanes for buses – a good decision.



Here is a French woman’s approach to living sustainably and fashionably in the US.  If we did half of what she recommends, we’d all have more money by living simply and by buying less.

zero waste household
Bea Johnson talks about her waste-free living.

Cities are beginning to ban gas car idling which pollutes our air.  Electric cars (EV’s) can be “on” or idle mode while producing zero pollution and can provide heat in colder months.

no car idling


China is building massive solar electricity farms, some are located over water.  Cooling the panels with water underneath maximizes output of the panels.  This solar install can power a good portion of a city.

china-solar-panels-on-water v2


How is electricity produced in your state?  Here is a New York Times set of visuals showing production by renewables vs coal, gas or petroleum.

california electricity production source

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