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Sustain Times offers sustainable-living, action tips on these web pages.

We created this site because we hear smart, caring, busy people like you, who want to do good, simply don’t know what actions to take to live sustainably.  Our goal is to net-out the overwhelming detailed information to only the most important, so you can make a confident decision, feel good about taking action and spend your time as you’d like.  We are skilled at sustainability, our action tips recommended here are proven, prioritized and have a sustainable impact.

Most importantly, we offer actionable ways to save you money while wisely using our energy, our resources, and reducing pollution.  Tips are prioritized for most money-saving impact for you.  You’ll like this site – reading here is quick as we use minimal technology terms, so you can understand options and make a confident decision.

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Get the family involved. We offer easy-read, actionable ways to save you money, while wisely using our energy, our resources, and reducing pollution.

Here’s how this site works. 
Product shopping can be sooooo time-consuming, especially if technology is involved.  My team and I select, test products and we recommend what works best, saving you shopping and most-likely return-processing time.  For example, select confidently, see our LED bulb selection here.

Be sure to view PG&E approved, time-testing and skillfully prioritized home energy tips.

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Products we recommend are proven, they work as described and they save you time selecting from sooooooo many choices at Home Depot.

What’s next for you?
Click on the menu items and continue viewing this web site, then take easy, sustainable action yourself and save money!

We’d like your help. 
When you take action such as installing efficient lighting, reducing food waste, or other,  let us know your success.  We are encouraged to continue writing these tips when we know you’re using them.  And, if any action steps can use more info, you can always ask a question directly.

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