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Information From my Colleague David Coale

There was a great article in the Sunday SJMN about the cattle industry in California, mainly focussed on dairy production. They pointed to the CA air resources board and showed a pie chart that indicates that 45% of methane in the state comes from dairy production (cows) and 10% from nondairy livestock. That is over 50% from food production!
So reducing our meat and dairy consumption is important. Along the lines of practicing what we preach, there are good substitutes for these items. Two of these good substitutes have been award winners in Acterra’s Business Environmental Awards program and are very good. The Impossible burger is a plant based burger that has about 1/10 the impact as beef and it is just like it and available at many burger places. The other items is Ripple dairy-free plant based “milk”. It has all the protein, half the sugar, 50% more calcium and lots of Omega-3. I have tried it and it is rich and creamy, so much so that I have been adding some water to it. It is also about twice the price at Whole Foods but one of the best milk substitutes you will find and has no growth hormones either.

So if you have not tried these items, you might do so. If nothing else, it is good “science” to see what the alternatives are and how you like them.

Ripple pea milk:

Impossible Burger:

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