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EV Charger Install Permit Process – How to Simplify

Technical Advisor Commission Recommendations 

Here are my two ideas for a simpler EVSE permit process.

Simplify the permit process to reduce non- permitted EVSE installations and provide City the true installed EVSE number needed for transformer capacity planning.
The user/home owner gets the safety of a permitted, inspected EVSE installation.

1. Here’s my suggestion for our EVSE simpler permitting.

Have the option to permit a Nema 6-50 or Nema 14-50 outlet/receptacle only. For interior installations, chargers use a 40 or 50 amp breaker. Breaker size can be the only permit decision to make. Outlet only permitting will have multiple benefits: reduce permit planning time at the building department; simplify the on-site inspection; not require multiple instruction manual copies; and potentially offer a lower permit price.

2. Simpler installation: Require 48” height minimum for interior outlet and charger mounting.

Require a minimum height of 48” for front outlet and charger installation to clear most car bumper heights. Require same height for side installation clearance (for side of car) which protects the installation from a turning car. Wiring can arrive from above, not requiring a bollard for most installations.

nema 6-50 receptical outlet for charger
Nema 6-50 Outlet Receptical
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